Our commitment

Kitakei recognizes global environmental conservation as one of the most important issues for people all over the world. We believe it is a responsibility for this generation to bequeath a beautiful environment to our descendants and that our corporate activities are closely linked with the global environment. Therefore, Kitakei contributes by not only providing eco-friendly housing materials and facility equipment in a proactive manner but by creating more comfortable living spaces as a total supplier of housing materials.

Eco-friendly products

Kitakei is committed to being an eco-friendly company that takes environmental sustainability into consideration while conducting business. We will continue to seek eco-friendly items from both our Japanese domestic and global suppliers. Through our product development, we are committed to preserving non-renewable resources and being environmentally friendly.

Using planned afforestation materials to preserve forest resources


Kitakei’s original “relaxssing wood” brand is based on the “Earth-conscious” concept . The brand mainly consists of wood products derived from sustainable resources. We select planned-afforestation trees and thinned wood with environmental conservation in mind such as red pine, chestnut, and birch.